Aim High

Nicola offers parents and students a friendly, personal approach to 11+ preparation and Mathematics tuition.  She helps students build resilience and enables them to achieve their best result. 

Nicola provides parents with professional tuition and an honest opinion of their child’s progress and ability.  She helps students fulfil their potential in a friendly environment and instils in them the confidence to excel in their studies.  

In-person Tuition

I am based in Harnham, Salisbury and offer a few in-person tuition options.

In-person 11+ Group Tuition

In-person 11+ Individual Tuition

In-person Maths Tuition

11+ Online Tuition

Remote learning through weekly slide presentations, available to purchase in blocks.

They are suitable for students sitting either a GL or a CEM style exam in any part of the country, so you do not have to be local to Salisbury to participate. Please, do check which exam your target school uses before purchase.

Online Tuition also comes with a local homework option for students in the Salisbury area.