In-person 11+ Individual Tuition

This will generally follow the same pathway as the group 11+ tuition but with more time and emphasis placed upon your child’s weak areas.  I do not advocate only focusing on one subject. The exam is a whole entity and equal weighting must be given to each area.  At its basic level, the pass-mark combines all the subjects, and it is often easier to find that elusive extra mark in your child’s stronger subject rather than their weaker one. 

For the first 11 weeks, classes cover Verbal Reasoning in the GL style for girls, whereas boys concentrate on Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning in the CEM style.  Thereafter, both boys and girls study Maths and English with the content tailored towards the GL exam for girls (SWGS) and the CEM exam for boys (BWS).   

Weekly homework packs are given to reinforce subject knowledge.   

Mock Tests and Holiday tuition are offered to complement weekly, term-time lessons.   

Individual lessons offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 4-5pm & 5-6pm (subject to availability) in Harnham, Salisbury. 

£30 per hour payable each term in advance. 

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Individual Tuition

I also offer individual tuition for those who would prefer it: