In-person Maths Tuition

Individual Mathematics tuition (KS2 to GCSE) is personalised to each student.  Nicola will stretch able students and support those for whom maths seems like another language altogether!  Problem solving, games and traditional mathematics exercises work together to allow students to achieve mastery of this valuable subject.  Nicola utilises her enthusiasm for Mathematics to offer a new perspective on the subject for her students.

Mathematics tuition is offered as face-to-face individual tuition only.  Most students looking for Mathematics tuition are doing so because they have become disillusioned with the subject.  For whatever reason, maths in a class-based environment does not deliver results for these students.  Building rapport and a trusting relationship with students is the best way to support them.  They must be allowed the freedom to admit their misunderstandings, and their tutor must be able to notice those which they cannot acknowledge.  There is no substitute for being there with them. 

Individual lessons offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 4-5pm & 5-6pm (subject to availability) in Harnham, Salisbury.

£30 per hour payable each term in advance.   

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Individual Tuition