Local Homework

Homework packs are available for GL and for CEM 11+ students who are local to Salisbury.  In-person tuition automatically includes these packs whereas Online students can purchase them as an additional item to complement their studies. 

The initial homework pack will contain a full suite of exam papers.  For girls taking the GL exam, this is an English paper, a Mathematics paper, and a Verbal Reasoning paper.  For boys taking the CEM exam, this is two papers with mixed subject content covering Verbal Reasoning (includes the English element), Mathematics, and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  Together these will give an insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses. They also provide a baseline to measure progress against. 

Subsequent packs contain 3 pieces of English (generally a comprehension, a vocabulary, and a spelling/grammar piece), 2 pieces of Maths, and 2 pieces of VR/NVR as appropriate for GL/CEM exams.  As time progresses, the content of these packs will increase both in difficulty and volumeFrom February, an exam paper will replace one of the subjects each week in rotation.  Then, from June, the packs will consist purely of exam papers (as per the initial homework packs).  

Answers are included.  Students are expected to mark their own work (perhaps with support from parents) and to work out where they went wrong as appropriate.  We are aiming to make your child an independent learner who has taken ownership of their 11+ journey.  Parental/sibling support will be invaluable.   

The homework packs need to be collected and swapped over each week from Nicola Noble Tuition (based in Harnham).  For Online students, the system allows families to swap the packs over at a time convenient to them each week (non-contact system as standard).  In-person students will swap their packs during their lesson each week. 

Homework costs £3 per week and is purchased in 6-week blocks